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Prepare Yourself For Printing Your Brochures Online

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Prepare Yourself For Printing Your Brochures Online

Post  geemcruze on Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:00 am

You should never do online brochure printing in a half baked manner of course. Even with the use of professional level brochure templates there is always a chance of failure if you are not prepared for it. So you should really ask yourself if you are truly ready for brochure printing online. Let me help you figure this out. Here are the crucial things that you should watch out for to figure out if you are truly ready for online brochure printing.

1. Do you have the right template?

The first question to ask yourself is if you have the right template. Brochures are very precise prints, and there are tons of different templates with different fold configurations and even pockets.

So before you actually decide on designing something for online printing, you should of course first get a good and acceptable template for the brochure printing company. I would suggest actually downloading the brochure templates form the brochure printer site to be sure.

2. Do you have the right content?

The next question to ask is about your content. Do you really have the right brochure content primed for online printing? A good content for color brochures should of course be simultaneously short but also very detailed.

It must be concise as well as accurate. Of course it should also have the most perfect spelling and grammar that you can muster. There must be little mistakes on it since online brochure printing is a one way street once initiated and you cannot go back once the printing starts.

3. Do you have the right images?

Remember that you should also check the images. In brochure printing and indeed in any kind of mass print production, you will need high resolution full color images just to meet professional standards in printing.

If you cannot match that with high resolution images and artistic styles in your color brochures, then you are not really ready for online brochure printing. Printing brochures online is pretty serious and you should always put the best images possible for your brochure prints.

4. Do you have the right file settings?

Being ready for online printing requires you to check always the file setting of your draft. You do not want to submit anything to the brochure printer that must be tweaked as you will always want to set the precise look that you want for your color brochures.

So make sure that you check your file settings and see if you have the margins, guidelines, color settings and other filter settings setup correctly. Double and triple check this if possible so that there will be nothing wrong once you send them to the brochure printing company.


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Re: Prepare Yourself For Printing Your Brochures Online

Post  chrisdamons on Mon Aug 29, 2011 3:49 pm

In brochure printing and indeed in any kind of mass print production, you need high-resolution full-color images just to meet the professional standards of print.


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